Fantastic service: Music Street, Huntingdon

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Just wanted to share how thoroughly impressed I’ve been with Music Street in Huntingdon. Before last week I had never heard of them or visited them but these guys have really impressed me. 

As some of you know I’ve been on a lester hunt and these guys had some Eastman’s in (thanks google) and I really fancied trying some. Last week I dragged my wife and nine week old over, and put them through a laborious hour as I tried a range of guitars. First off the guys were welcoming, made sure my Mrs was comfortable and offered teas and coffees. I was then offered free rein to ‘try whatever you like’ and left to it, no hard sell, no hassle -a totally relaxed experience. I never buy a guitar without giving it some thought and this was no problem, Andy told me to pop back whenever and we discussed my opinions of the guitars I’d tried. 

As as it is I was rather taken by one particular guitar (ngd to follow) and over several emails with the guys in the store it got sorted.
In particular I knew I’d mod the guitar to 50s wiring as this is what I’m used to, so asked how much would they charge to do it for me?  They offered to do it for free. I mentioned I needed a box for the Martin I’m selling (did they have a spare) no worries Tony said I could have one and some packaging too. Could they have it sorted by the end of the day for me to pop over after work? Ofcourse, and they’d set it up with my chosen strings for no extra charge. 

So a very positive store experience with good old fashioned customer service (and they’ve a really great range of guitars in there too). Well worth a visit if you’re in the area or heading down the A14 and need a distraction.
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