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    randella said:

    Not helped by the fact that Corbyn's leadership seemed to present a golden opportunity for the more vocal, headbanging  left of the party to have a shot at purging the evil Blairites.  Corbyn to give him his due is doing a better job of getting the party pulling in the same direction than I or, I suspect, a lot of people, thought him capable of.

    As a result, all the 'purges' seemed to amount to was a lot of the same gobshites screaming 'DESELECT THEM!!!11!' in the Guardian comments section.  My demonstrably anti-Corbyn MP seems to be very much still in a job.

    I'm still not convinced by him as PM material, but the scorched-earth disaster a lot of people posited doesn't seem to have befallen Labour just yet.
    Corbyn has significantly stepped up to the mark in the last couple of years or so. Even though I naturally tend to agree with a lot of ideas, I also really didn't think he was PM material when he got the job - I agreed with Hilary Benn that he was a good man but not a leader. The best I hoped for was that he would realign the party to the left - with or without a civil war to eject the Blairites - and then move aside in favour of someone younger, more able and more charismatic. But perhaps not surprisingly - since I doubt even he thought he would ever lead the party, three years ago - he's just taken some time to grow into the role.

    He achieved the greatest swing to Labour since 1945 and came within two percentage points of No. 10. That's not only not a disaster, it's far better than Miliband, Brown, Kinnock and Foot did.
    "Take these three items, some WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with this stuff alone."
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