Monster synth sale: Roland, Waldorf, Oberheim, etc

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Shaking up my set-up and have the following:

Roland Fantom G (61-key), squillions of Roland's famous sounds, built-in DAW with 24 audio tracks and 128 MIDI tracks with 800x480 colour screen and mouse for MIDI note and sample/audio waveform editing. Plus mic and line and SPDIF inputs for recording vocals, guitar, etc directly into the DAW. £1000

Waldorf Q+ monster VA with up to 100 voices, 16 analogue VCFs, super rare: £3200

Oberheim TVS Pro - pure analogue reissue with MIDI, velocity, aftertouch, dual sequencers, etc: £2700

Roland VP-9000 - the sampling, repitching 2U rack thingy. (Better description to come): £250

All located in Cambridge (near the A14/A10 junction).

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