SOLD: Fender USA Tele for £500? GET OUTTA HERE (Oh, okay...)

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Excuse the clickbaity title ;-)

I really need this gone so have dropped it to £500 smackeroos for the first person to come and press the cold, hard cash into my warm, clammy palm.

It's a 1999 Fender USA Telecaster - seen some action and has a few dents and dinks to prove it - nothing hideous and still sounds and plays great. Just thrown a set of Elixirs on and it's good to go. Being a 1999 there is some fret wear as you'd expect but nothing to panic over and it doesn't affect playability or tone, no unwanted buzzes etc and intonation is good.

Collection from Kidderminster (daytime) or Malvern in the evenings/weekends.

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