Best Octave Fuzz! Anything better around than Fulltone?

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WillEdmundsWillEdmunds Frets: 105
I'm looking to replace the Fulltone Octafuzz I stupidly sold a few years back! Before shopping around for another one, I thought I'd ask if anyone could suggest a similarly compact boutique octave fuzz that beats the Fulltone? My pedalboard is limited on space so it would need to be roughly the same size as the Fulltone 69 I'm currently using (standard Boss-pedal-ish size).

I found the octave-off fuzz a bit nasty on the Octafuzz, which is why I flogged it and got the 69. I'm basically after something that does octave-up and has a nice core no-octave fuzz tone as well. Anyone got any suggestions?
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