F/S F/T Fractal Axe-Fx II with MFC101 pedals etc etc. £1750 NOW SOLD

sweepysweepy Frets: 2036
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Testing the water here, I have a very tidy Axe -Fx II with the matching MFC101 pedal mounted on a Pedaltrain Pro with 4x M Audio Exp Pedal and 2x Boss FS6 dual footswitches with psu supply to the FS6’s . I also have the Fractal Cat 5 converter boxes to use a normal mic lead instead of the fragile Cat 5 usually supplied. The Pedaltrain Pro also has its gig bag included
Its spent its life with me in my music room and is in excellent condition 
Looking for £1750 though if you have a high end combo I could top up with cash 

I’ll post pics tomorrow as I’m at work and the the ones on my imagur are terrible 
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