I need to replace my cassette deck - any ideas?

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My cassette deck has been causing me problems recently - it's a TEAC, but nothing expensive, and it's not really built as well as an average Tascam 4-track. Something's  wrong with the door which I haven't been able to fix, and it looks like the plastic moulding of the erase head has now cracked at one of the mounting screws. I have loads of old albums I still listen to but which I haven't got round to replacing with CDs, plus a load of old stuff I've recorded myself (like first ever gig in 1982 when I blew the speaker in my 5W practice amp!), so I do need to replace it before it chews up something valuable.

Obviously I know of Nakamichi, but are the ones you can pick up for £100-200 worth getting? The Technics and Yamaha ones appear to have a decent build quality, at least from looking at photos on ebay. I don't think I'd risk another TEAC, when I opened mine up the build quality was poor, despite the Tascam connection.

I've seen a few really nice looking old ones, with piano-key controls and backlit VU meters, but that 70s/90s brushed aluminium look would look out of place in a rack with all-black units unfortunately.

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