Fs. Clear out.Fuzz(Abomninable effects muff- hail Satan. Phaser(Helix),Pitchfork, tc mojo plus more

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Hi all. 

Having a clear out. Due to making a small gigging board. All prices include delivery.
Ppg for payment. May take trades

Tc electronic phaser. Helix. Stereo pedal, easily recreates the mxr and small stone, but the tone print is something else. £75

Tc electronic mojo. I hear some pros use this, it is a lovely pedal. Sort of reminds me of a tubescreamer or blues driver. Clearly designed as a low overdrive. Does lovely things to my orange amp. £35 for this

Lagtronics bone collector - mental fuzz with some crazy filter.  Like the amp on the edge of a breakdown. £40 ,  on hold

Tc dark matter. Marshall style drive £35

Abomninable effects muff- hail Satan. 

This thing is insane. Huge sounding muff, very versatile the second switch to takes it to the next level. I use that the most as it's simply huge sounding. £100

Here is a bit about this pedal. This one is a limited edition 

The Abominable "Hail Satan" muff is a big muff clone built to the specs of the infamous "Creamy Dreamer" modded pedals that some had thought were used on Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream because of the similar tones but with our own twist.

In addition to the normal Volume, Tone, and Sustain controls, we've added an additional control for the Mids. This allows you to add a much fuller sound to the tone of the pedal.

Also, we've added a second footswitch that when engaged will switch from the stock 1n914 diodes to a louder and crunchier sounding 3mm Red LED diodes in the distortion clipping. Not only does this put the effect into full on "hail satan mode" audibly, but the eyes of the goat head will also light up red with the actual LEDs that are in the circuit. As the intensity of your playing increases the eyes will light up to match.

All prices are delivered. 

The last one is not as cosmetically perfect as the others. It's a pitchfork, sounds great. Works fabtastically. I just had it in the pocket of my gig bag, think some paint got rubbed off.  Sold

I will take part trades for some of the mini tc pedals or a mini vibe. Possible other mini pedals or a small pedalboard

Instagram is Rocknrollismyescape -

FOR SALE - Catalinbread Echorec, Sonic Blue classic player strat and a Digitech bad monkey


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