FS: Matamp GT1 / Fryette Deliverance 60

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I am shifting two heavy duty powerful powerful guitar heads as I: a) need cash b) am looking to get something more compact (but still powerful) - maybe looking at a Gurus 5015 or an EVH 5150iii or whatever. Currently also have my eye on a Thunderverb 50 on one of the usual sites which seems well within my budget (yes I know that goes against what I just said concerning size but screw it.



Where to start with this beast? I'm almost regretting selling this already but no turning back this time.
100w and built like an absolute brick shit house. This is NOT the Mk II model currently advertised on their site, this is more low gain. Has a 100/50w switch on the back.
I used this predominantly for cleans running distortion pedals over the top. Sounds absolutely huge at full pelt. The Voice switch on the left makes all the difference, going from light and sparkly to thick and dirty when you crank it anti-clockwise.
The green outline on the logo is a result of me daubing over it in green paint pen - I think it looks pretty cool (no scoffing at the back) but I will try and scrub it out if needs be. Was last serviced in 2016 but has only been gigged about 3-4 times since and the valves are still full of life. Comes with Roqsolid cover.

Collection only BUT I may be able to post if I buy the Thunderverb. Courier arranged by buyer.




Purchased this just before Christmas from Reverb.com all the way in Slovenia (original listing: https://reverb.com/uk/item/6519420-fryette-deliverance-sixty) and I was dying to try one of these for years.
60w featuring 2 x KT88 valves.
It is supremely muscular and full bodied - kinda like a mix between a JCM and a Soldano.
VERY unforgiving and dry - which means if you suck at guitar then this baby will expose all that.
In the end I decided the sound wasn't for me but at least I have crossed this amp off my list in terms of trying it out!
Has two gain knobs - one to go from Thin to Fat, and the other for just...well, more gain. 
Also a Less/More gain switch which can be controlled by footswitch (see below).

AS A BONUS - as standard, this amp does not come with an FX loop. HOWEVER - the lovely chap who I purchased this off fitted in an effects loop at the back complete with a footswitch input to toggle between the Less and More gain switch on the front. How cool is that??? Almost making this a two channel amp.
There are three unmarked inputs on the back (see pics). Left is for footswitch. Centre is the Send and the right is the Return. Pots next to inputs are levels for Send and Return.
Of course a footswitch comes with this amp - left is for selection mode (LED on - more gain, LED off - less gain). Right is for FX loop on/off (LED on - FX loop is OFF).

In perfect nick without a scratch. Collection only but if I can I will try and get some amp packaging from somewhere and will be up for posting via courier. Coda is only just down the road after all.


If you need any more pictures or have any questions then give us a shout.
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