Orange Micro Dark Terror - more than just a gimmick?

EpsilonEpsilon Frets: 55
I'm considering picking one of these up but I'm concerned it will be one of those things I plug in once and then it sits there gathering dust. My main amp is a Bogner Atma, which is a versatile amp and does pretty much everything short of aggressive/extreme gain (which I don't really need in all honesty). I've been looking at the Orange Micro Dark Terror as a cheap little amp to give a slightly different character of sound in the high gain realm, and also something I can use with headphones late at night. Any first-hand experiences with one? Should I bother? I'm exclusively a bedroom/home studio player at the moment so not concerned about gigging it. I'd be running it through the same 2x12 cab as my Bogner (V30 loaded).

Another thing I'm considering is just putting the money towards an Orange OR15 as an alternative "proper amp" to the Bogner. Again, something with a very different character.

Any thoughts appreciated!
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