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So I've bought too much this month and need to shift some stuff in order to pay for it! Prices don't include shipping.

Warmoth Korina Strat Stratocaster Body Nitro Re-fin HSH £150 ppg
I bought this for same price on e bay other guy said it was refinished and relic'd by 52 street guitars or something?
Looks like some attempts to route back cavity. (pics below)

1977 Fender Fretless Precision Bass Neck £350 ppg
I had this on a finished project the neck has been re finished but dang these vintage fender necks feel so much better than the new ones Imo.... Vintage neck has some marks but that cos its old... 

Loaded HSH Stratocaster Scratchpate Alegree Filtertrons £150 ppg (does not fit warmoth body above)
I bought this on this forum from Alegree but never even got to plugging it in looks awesome though.

Mexican Fender Stratocaster neck. £200 ppg SOLD
Has Come off a 1998 deluxe series Mexican Stratocaster (hence transfer on headstock).
Almost zero fret wear (slightly visible on 1st fret) and evidence of micro tilt being used, but other wise immaculate and slightly aged (see photo of wood discolouration where machine heads/ tuners have been) - neck is almost 20 yrs old!
Medium-jumbo frets, narrow C profile (not as fat as current modern C necks). Feels fast and easy to get hands around.
Drilled for vintage style machine heads/ tuners, 9mm Diameter (see photo).Fitted with US string tree.

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