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For sale is this wonderful Schecter USA PT.

The serial number dates it as the 4th guitar to leave the new Schecter Custom Shop in early 2013 - I've owned it since new.

Condition is fantastic, no fret wear to speak of, only one ever so slight mark/dent on the upper rim which I have tried to capture in the last photo but it's difficult as it hasn't broken paint - you have to really look for it. No other issues at all with the condition.

Colour is a lovely and rich which Schecter call Vintage Red.
Neck is slim but not too slim, approx 21mm at 1st fret and 22mm at 12th fret, fretboard is 14' radius and the rosewood board is lovely and dark. The fret job is one of the best I've ever seen, the guitar certainly plays very very nicely indeed.
Gotoh tuners.
G&G hard case in superb condition.
Pickups installed are Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbuckers - I love this these pickups in this guitar but a word of warning, I've had no issues myself but when a friend tried it at volume with his set-up he was getting microphonic issues with the bridge pickup. Therefore the guitar comes with the original Schecter Pasadena Classics that were originally in the guitar (think vintage hot PAF). They can come on the side or I can re-install them prior to the sale (with the Seymours on the side)
Coil splits from pulling tone pot up.

Looking for £900 posted, or £875 if able to collect from Pinner, Middlesex.

£849 posted, £825 collected.


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