Magnetic Effects “White Atom” Fuzz

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Good isn’t it! ;-)

Not quite up to doing a full review yet but I really, really, really like it. One reason for buying it was that my kit-built Peach Fuzz clone (which I was and am otherwise very happy with) seemed to have started disappearing in the mix with my band for some reason[1] - the WA doesn’t so much cut through as rip bleeding holes in space-time (in a good way).

Very versatile too, equally at home doing spluttery dieing battery chaos or more traditionally musical vintage Bender/Face type tones and can even edge into Muff territory.

It looks good too - not the Art Deco opulence of the Sandare or Zola but a lovely crisp, clean piece of design in its own right.

Great work @Magnetic_Effects - totally delivers on the promise of vintage inspired (and more!) tones in a package which slots into any rig without buffer/PSU/whatever related fussiness. One afternoon at home, one gig, and I’m utterly smitten with it and actively looking for ways to use it more often in the set!

[1] Not sure what changed, could have been arrangements evolving in the wake of replacing our Other Guitarist, could have been something in the way I set my amp up, could be that our band mix just changed a bit...
Don't ask me, I just play the damned thing...
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