Need an digi piano - suggestions?

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Had proper organ lessons in my teens (twin manual plus footpedals) and always had a synth/worstation around.  Ive never used weighted keys - nor a board longer than 61 notes.

Im OK at chords on the left hand, melody on the right - and IM OK at chords on the right - though I still have to think at times.  Im NOT great at bass lines with the left hand, and useless when I try and play a melody on top of a bass line (though I can play octaves with my left - and a middle note or two while playing a melody).

Anyway - Im now 50, and want to learn proper piano.  I want to be able to do boogie woogie stuff, and some mellow more clasical esk pieces (easy listening if you like).  Nothing overly technical though (classical wise) and certainly not taking grades.

Id like to be able to achieve a decent level - as I have with my guitar - by the time I reach retirement.  Should be quite possible if I put my mind to it.

So - gear.  I have a 61 Note Roland Fantom-S workstation (some 15 years old now) and will continue to use this (at least short term) to play organ stuff, and synth lead stuff.  It also has a great arpeggiator.  I "may" replace it with a proper VA synth down the line IF I get a "piano" that handles pads/strings and acoustic instruments as well.

Im seriously considering a Roland RD2000 to learn my piano skills.  It is easy to layer, and has good enough pads/strings etc to take over from the Fantom in all aspects except some synth stuff, drum tracks and arpegiated stuff (I think).

Is this overkill (given the price)?  are there other options at a lower price point Id be happy with?  The action of the keybed is probably THE most important thing to me hence not looking at Nord stuff which feels terrible to me.  Ive never been that impressed with Korg piano sounds (or feel) either.  Id happily look at Yamaha, Kurzweil and Kawai though, if something suitable exists.

So - any "piano/keys" specialists what to give me a steer here please.

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