SOLD - Nathan Sheppard NSG 26 - £900

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I recently got this guitar back in my possession but I've barely played it and have a hankering for an EBMM guitar, with a used Steve Morse high on the list, so this is up for sale or trade.

It's an NSG 26 from the 2nd run of NSG 26s. Swamp ash body with a burl maple cap.

Neck is maple/walnut (I think)/maple with a interestingly figured cocobolo fingerboard. It has an 44mm Earvana nut and the neck is a slim c shape, think comfortable as opposed to shreddy. Frets are Dunlop 6000s with a lot of life left in them. 

Electronics are the very rare Bare Knuckle Pickups Knuckle Dusters. These are two sets of Tele pickups combined together to form these mutant humbuckers. 

One pair of pickups is stock polarity and wind, the other RWRP, so when wired in series each pair is a true humbucker, when split you get real single coils. There can't be much more than 30 sets in existence and I doubt BKP would build them any more.

The control layout is 2 volumes and a master tone with a 3 way selector switch. Each volume had a push pull pot to split the pickups. The rest of the hardware is Gotoh 510 locking tuners and the Gotoh 5120 bridge.

It's been recently set up by Tom Waghorn with D'Addario 10-46 strings. Includes a Gator hard case too.

In terms of trades, I'll consider any EBMM 6 string, particularly a Luke, fixed bridge Steve Morse or an Axis. Would also consider an Ibanez JS as long as it has a proper Edge trem.  

Selling price £900.00

I'm based in South East London, near to London Bridge. 

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