FS -Suhr ML Vintage Single coil Neck Pick Up - Fender American Strat 2 point Trem SOLD

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Suhr Michael Landau Vintage Single coil Neck pick up,  this is the Standard hotter for more output and sustain. Alnico 5 
Great sounding pick up with plenty of wire.

DC Resistance: 6.5KΩ (neck)


£45 posted

I'm switching back to a vintage style 6 screw Callaham Trem so no need for this (I hope)

I only have three black Springs can't remember if it came with more but will include the extra two silver ones, but I only ever needed to use the three. Of note this is the narrow string spacing.

I'll also include the Allen key and a couple of spare trem arm springs (not in the photo)

String Spacing:2-1/16"" (2.062" / 52.4mm)
Screw Spacing: 2-7/32" (2.219" / 56.4mm)

£65 posted   price drop  £60 posted    SOLD

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