Sold: USA Musicman SUB 4 string active bass in blue sting ray music man stingray

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Excellent example of these much sought-after basses manufactured in the San Luis Obispo factory in California, USA. Launched in 2003 featuring a solid poplar slab body (instead of ash) and a more economical textured finish with a black painted maple neck but the same hardware, pickup and 2-band active circuit as the Stingray, they were famously discontinued in 2005 after they proved so popular that sales of the Stingray were starting to fall. This one is in fantastic condition and sounds great both acoustically and plugged in. Really resonant with great sustain and that classic 2-band growl when you dig in at the bridge. It has a little nick out the the top of the headstock and another on the back lower bout near the battery compartment (see pics). Feels as solid as a rock and never goes out of tune. The textured blue finish is really nice as it's started to go a bit green like an old Lake Placid Blue Fender - looks so sweet and you can see the original blue under the guard! I changed the pickguard for a three ply gloss black (original thin diamond plate guard included). I'm down in St Agnes in Cornwall but I can easily get the bass up to my parents' house near Bath if that's easier. Currently has a Stagg gig bag. Shipping is certainly possible - it'd be best to take the neck off, then pack it along with the body. That way, there's absolutely no risk of damage in transit.


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