Epiphone Spotlight Nouveau - very rare lawsuit model

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I'm going to sell my Spotlight. Regrettably I need to fund a guitar that is going to be used every week, whereas my Spotlight has not been out of the case more than twice since I got it. 
It's the second one I've owned since 1994. I was mad to let the first one go and probably equally nuts to let this go too but I don't use it and after another couple of tours will probably sell most of my guitar collection.

If you know anything about these, you'll know how rare they are and why PRS wanted it stopped.
In 1985 Gibson wished to design a guitar to compete with the recent addons to the Paul Reed Smith line and thus, the Spotlight was born. It was made in 1987-88 and only several hundred were produced. PRS guitars sued Gibson over this guitar and production was stopped. Hence it is very rare to find one of these guitars

£800 £700

I've had that one ages darling
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