Bass collection jazz £200.00 *sold*

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Plays really nicely, and has a very punchy sound to it. Roll off the bridge pickup though, and you get a very different beast! I recommend these basses whenever someone wants to buy a £200-£300 bass. I've yet to play a bass in that price range that beats this for play ability and sound. This comes with a Babicz bridge which adds sustain.  Neck is slim in my opinion, and I've had the action low on it (although its a little higher at the moment because last gig I did was a recording thing and needed to be super clean)


I'm selling simply because I want to try something new. Not for any reason other than GAS! 


I've had a good look and there's a few little dings, but the paintwork as far as i can see is perfect. electronics are fine.  One of the tiny screws is missing from the bridge, however this has never had any impact on the saddle.



I can deliver within 30 miles of glasgow for petrol cost, and can meet up in Glasgow city no probs.

postage and packing set at £30.00.  

Unable to upload pics here, but if you want photos let me know and I'll fire you in the right direction!

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