Rural France by ruralfrance

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My latest band.  Named after my fretboard handle...

Me and my mate wrote and recorded this over a couple of years as an occaisional escape from the intensity of raising our young families (who we included on the album cover).

Lyrically it’s a bit of a mid life crisis.  Guitars were an ES330 into a Lazy J20, Tele into a Carr Skylark with an occasional KOT, and an EC Vibro Champ for the trem sections and ratty drive.

We recorded it at a cool little studio called Spacewolf in Wells and its been released by one of our favourite labels.

Really pleased with how it turned out!
Good trades/sales with: Pluckbuddy, JDE, xXBADGERXx, Brize, alanchanxd, NigelP, Loobs, BusterCrabb, jimkehoe
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