FS: Dimarzio Pickups ( Air Norton S, EVO Neck and FS-1) SOLD

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Dimarzio Air Norton S - £45.00 SOLD

This is the single-coil sized version of the Air Norton Humbucker. Sounds damn near identical to it's bigger brother, just in a smaller and more convenient size for different guitars.

Fantastic tone, really sings when soloing! Great clarity at the same time too.

Still has around 8 inches of wire left and it's in great condition, with screws and springs included.





Dimarzio EVO Neck - £45.00 SOLD

Great condition, it's had very little use and 12inches of wire left. Also has the Chrome pole pieces which looks way cooler than the usual black pole pieces.

This pickup is basically like a beefier sounding Dimarzio PAF Pro, just sounds bigger overall and really sings. Splits beautifully too. You can also use it in the bridge for some killer PAF type tones too, it's very underrated IMO.





Dimarzio FS-1 - £40.00 SOLD

Brand new in box/sealed and un-opened.

The pickup famously used by Knopfler, Gilmour, Gary Moore, Yngwie and John Norum etc. Big overwound juicy singlecoil tones, sounds huge! By far my favourite singlecoil ever made.

I’m selling as I ended up buying several of them and I only actually needed just one.




UK Postage on any of these pickups is £3.00. I'll happily ship anywhere else, just ask for a quote.

Drop me an email at Dan@DanGowerAmps.co.uk if interested.



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