FS - Warm Audio WA12 - (SOLD!) - API peamp with top spec components and DI

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Warm Audio WA12 preamp - £240 - One of the most loved studio preamps on the market, the preamp that established Warm Audio as one of the biggest brands in pro audio. It’s essentially an API mic preamp circuit with the same quality parts (Cinemag transformers etcI, plus a few additional sound sculpting controls.

The API preamp circuit is the sound of rock and pop and used on most of the records from 1970’s through to today. It’s famous for a punchier tone due to faster transient response, as well as smooth high-end, warm mid-range and punchy low-end. The D.I. feature on these alone is worth the price of admission, utilising the input and output transformers to thicken and shape your tone.

Engaging the ‘tone’ switch enhances your source with a richer mid-range, without is more neutral. Use on both vocals and instruments, it’s a huge step up in quality from the built-in preamps in high end recording interfaces and can outperform similar units costing three times more. I’m listing this as I currently own 4 and rarely need more than 2 or 3 channels.

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