Partscaster 'Build' Olympic White with maple SMO-FAT Allparts neck

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Hi all, this the the first thread I've started. I've been reading here for a while.

I'm 'building' a Stratolike from various bits I've bought- Have to say I had no idea the variety of other suppliers around so perhaps depending on how this goes together I may swap/upgrade. It's the first guitar I've built so it's a learning curve.

I'm going for Olympic white nitro with a maple neck with the skunk stripe, I've got the following:

Neck: Allparts SMO-FAT
Body: Guitarbuild Alder SSS 60's strat
Bridge: Fender classic style tremolo with the bent saddles
Tuners: Gotoh Nickel Classic style slotted
Pickups: Tonerider Surfari

The usual CTS/CRL/Orange Drop/Cloth wire electronic stuff. I'm doing neck inserts and all metal hardware is Nickel rather than chrome.

I've completed the Electrics:

The black ground wires were combined and heat shrink applied (hardly vintage I know, but I wanted to leave them standard length in case I ever sell/reuse the pickups)

The body has been sprayed with the nitro (just awaiting gloss finish, curing and buffing)

The neck was originally sprayed (by me) in vintage/honey amber nitro, but I stupidly put a fender logo on, in removing it the nozzle of the rattle can wasn't clean so when I went to re-finish the head it came out looking terrible, so it's all been stripped for 'take 2'

Sorry for the long rambling start!

Thanks for reading.
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