Selection of song books and music bios* Some now sold

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The main collectible here is The Who book - only one print run in 1977. Large format. Original artwork. Songs tabs. Lyrics. Interviews. Photos. I’m not seeing it anywhere cheaper on line than £30 so I’m going to ask for £20. It’s in good nick, but bear in mind it’s 40 yrs old! SOLD

All prices inc p&p. Unfortunately, as you are probably aware, books are quite heavy and pricey to post so I’ve factored that in to my costing.
payment by direct bank transfer or Paypal please.

Ukulele Crazy - £5. Chords. Songs. Tabs. History of the uke. Player profiles, etc. Great Hardback for beginners.

Clapton Autobiography- £6. Hardback, Never been read. Very good nick.

Queen bio - £5. 

Daltry bio - £4

Dylan On Dylan - £6. Collected interviews through the years.

Beatles:Revolution In The Head £7. Big book. Fascinating, insightful book about every track they ever recorded and how they did it. SOLD

Pink Floyd:The Wall - song book. Chords not solo tab - unless you read music, of course. £5 SOLD

Kinks songbook - £5

Bowie songbook -£7 photos as well as songs. Published same time as Changesonebowie compilation. SOLD

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