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 So I have some stuff that I really need to get rid of:
1) Behringer MX2442A mixing desk . 16 mono inputs & 8 stereo, 4-channel bus. Millions of sends, returns & inserts. Used it to record bands & to feed a 4-track Tascam & then a 16-track digital recorder (see below). I really don't want to post, cos I don't have a box & it's bloody heavy , but I could meet in the North West. Or we could talk about it.  £160 PPG



2) Yamaha AW16G 16-track stereo recorder. Was the main part of my home studio. I kept it for recoding demos of my band - but I'm not in one any more. £150 plus postage (boxed & with everything it came with.)


3) Set of 5 drum mics - Superlux DRK A3C2. One kick, 2 snare/tom & 2 o/h phantom powered condensers. One of the condenser's clamp for attaching to a mic stand is cracked (see the photo). £40 plus postage SOLD



4) Line 6 UX-1 usb interface. I used this until I got my Helix rack. Used it as a practice tool (clean sounds & metronome for scales) as well as recording ideas. Possibly boxed (I can't remember offhand) £30 PPG posted



 I also have a THD Hot Plate in the amps section - but you can use the line out to record

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