Sold Epiphone Olympic 1965 £900

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Sold Epiphone Olympic, 1965. £1000 now £900  

Measures 41mm at the nut - so a bit slimmer than the pre 1965's (thanks lewis_grey for the research info) 

Amazing light weight rock n roll machine. 

Custom made Lollar p90 pickup. Made to the same size as the original melody maker pickup so no additional routing was needed. Original pickup included.

Non original bridge to improve stability. Original bridge included.

Not sure if it’s been re-fretted, probably because it plays really well.

Player grade vintage guitar. 

Non original hard case included.

I bought this about a year ago, as far as I can tell no breaks or cracks or repairs.  I'm not taking offers or trades as the only thing i wanted was a 335 and i think I've sorted one. 

Sheffield collection or meet up. 


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