FS/FT Moog, Lehle

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Lehle Little Dual Amp switcher, Goes A or B, A&B. Run two amps together or switch between two amps. Ideal to run Wet/Dry two amp setup. Works without power, but you'll need power for the LEDs. Overall good condition, custom made baseplate to attach velcro onto. No box, but would be well packaged. 

£100 posted


Moog Mf Delay. Nice straight forward bucket brigade analog delay, Time, Repeats, Mix and Drive knobs. The drive on is really nice actually. Exp pedal output on the back can be set for a few parameters. Immaculate condition with the box, no Velcro. 

£145 posted

Id be happy to trade this for a tape delay flavour, Belle epoch deluxe or El Capstian preferably with cash to adjust. 


Both bought off here at some point. I’ve a feedback thread somewhere.
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