SOLD - Access Virus TI Polar synth

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This is the compact version of the iconic German synth. Details here:

It's a most excellent VA and wavetable synth. It's the 37-key version with the same quality velocity+aftertouch keybed as the 5-octave version. Brilliant sound quality and stellar FX. So much power in a compact desktop. I love this little b*gg*r. I had the Virus Kb back in the day, and this is a sound design beast in comparison.

Great condition except for a few minor scratches on the underside (from a keyboard stand).

I'm changing over to rack units to make more space, so I will part-ex if you have the rack version. If not, the only other trade I'm looking for is an ARP Odyssey module.

Low-key in-depth discussion here:

Plenty of clips on YT:

Price: £799 now 750

No box = no shipping, so collection only from Cambridge. May deliver or meet half-way for petrol costs.

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