New Piano - Kawai CA95

Just got this last week
I've never had piano lessons, but mess around a little
I have 2 well-regarded weighted keyboards, one used with top-notch samples through good monitors, which I enjoy playing with

My theory was that this piano would inspire my playing more, and also my 14 year old, who has not had lessons, but likes to pick out a tune or two on my old Yamaha P85, for which I have the optional frame and pedals 

This Kawai is the top of their range, last year's version: was £2700 new, but I got for under £1k delivered.
As well as higher-power-than-normal 45W good speakers, it has a proper soundboard on the back, articulated by a 45W transducer

I am really pleased, it's inspired me lots, and my daughter has been on it for over an hour once or twice a day with no coercion
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