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Went to see Simon of Gus guitars today, is workshop is only about 20 minute drive from me. I went to see his new design bass, this is moving away from his normal construction of carbon fibre. The neck is standard Maple / Rosewood or Maple / Maple, although the neck is a multi-piece Maple laminar. The body is of an all wood construction but keeping his classic chrome tube part way round the body.

One of the new basses part built.


One of Simon's normal guitars (if you can call them that) of carbon fibre construction, I believe this is going to be the Prince version. The black block next to the part built guitar is the mould that the front of the guitar is moulded in. Every part of the guitars that Simon makes he manufactures his self, which includes all the metalwork, he winds his own pickups, the only part of the guitar he does not make are the tuners. 

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