Cosmic Shred - Getting Creative With Arpeggio Colour and Articulation

Hey all!

So I got the urge to film something at 3am, but evidently, noone is online when you upload that late, so thought I'd share it here today!

I've always been really into arpeggios, but nothing turns me off more than the old up and down rollercoaster neoclassical stuff that's been milked to death since the early 80s. 

So to break out of those old tired tropes, I've always tried to mix up the notes I play in arpeggios to create fresher sounds.

You can do that in a ton of ways, arpeggio substitution, adding modal colour, or even in the way you articulate the line. Here's an example.

Here I'm using some arpeggios coming from the pentatonic scale (giving you a cool m11 sound), and then mixing classic sweeps and string skipped tapping ideas to play something different... because who wants to be the same?

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