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I'm looking for my first Mixer.
Space is a premium, I use an Ikea desk in the lounge as my "Studio Space"
I have an 88 Key Roland Workstation and a couple of other synths.
I'm looking for a mixer to hook them all up and be able to listen with Phones, but also plug in the little speakers (PC Speakers, not monitors) that I currently use for straight out of my Workstation.
I may also want to put Guitar into it at some point, but that's not a deal breaker.

I'm looking for recommendations with a budget of around £150, not available yet.

I would likely need 2 inputs per synth so only 6 at present, but would probably be looking for at least a 10 input to give me growing room. (thinking of getting another desktop synth later this year). An option to run my PC audio out to it would be good too.

I've looked and the Behringer Xenyx series look to get good reviews in the budget arena, but as I don't see myself needing XLR Mic inputs, or output to a Control room. I wondered if anyone knew of other mixers that would different functions?
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