SOLD: PRS Santana Signature - 2014 - '10 Top' - with hard case, hang tags, etc.

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Tentative listing, as I love this guitar but have a dead Mac and no spare cash to buy a new one.

Genuine USA PRS. Santana pickups and Wide Fat neck (slightly bigger than usual, I believe) with bigger frets than my other USA guitars. This is NOT a Santana II or III - it's its own thing. I've confirmed this with Matt Wade at PRS Europe.

Comes with original hard case. Some superficial swirls on the top and rear under lighting but looks stunning and is still 9/10 condition at worst.

For info, Mr Reed-Smith's signature has pretty much come off.

Possible trade would include a good Strat and a wodge of cash (HSS desirable).

Based in Penrith and Carlisle, Cumbria. 

More info or pictures on request.


My band, No Soap No Radio.

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