SOLD: ESP-Edwards E-MV 125-FR - £525 plus shipping

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Hi there, 

Up for sale is my Edwards E- MV-125 FR Made in Japan in Black Aqua finish (blue). Specs can be found here:

The guitar is almost mint except for the fact that the previous owner decided to replace the stock Gotoh tuners (included) for locking ones (guess to save time changing the strings???) and if you look up close at the headstock from behind you can see the wholes where the original tuners were screwed.

The only other mod done to the guitar was adding a push/pull volume knob, so the bridge humbucker and the neck mini-humbucker can be split, giving 6 pickup selection options instead of 3 as stock. Also, I no longer have the ESP gig bag it came with, but a Gator hardcase is included. 

Trades-wise, I am mostly interested in MIJ / MIA Strats or Super Strats, ideally HH or HSS, 22 or 24 frets, no pointy headstock and with a flat mounted tremolo (i.e. MIJ / MIA Charvel So-Cal / San Dimas, MIJ EVH Wolfgang, Musicman Silhouette / Luke, Ibanez S Series, etc.), but let me now what you got. Obviously, cash adjustment either way as appropriate.

Happy to send more pictures or answer any questions. I am based near Victoria Station in London, so don’t hesitate to come try her out if you are in the area. 

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