Electrical Noise - EQD Hummingbird

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Hey folks

I've got a (V3) EQD Hummingbird which has an irritating noise problem.

Symptoms are as follows:

  1. When bypassed there are no problems.
  2. When on, I can hear the LFO ticking faintly at all settings.
  3. When on, there is an electrical "whine" that increases with the Depth control. At max depth its really loud. No chance it can be ignored
  4. The "level" control doesn't affect the whine: only the depth control changes it.
  5. The hummingbird doesn't support a battery connection but I've tried it on its own isolated connection from my power supply, as well as running in it from two complete separate 9V supplies with nothing else attached (i.e. three supplies that are isolated). The only change between the three is that the whine changes pitch/timbre a bit.
  6. Problem persists even if it is the the only pedal in the chain.

Now, the thing I haven't tried yet is moving my setup to a different room/plug socket. That's tonight's task.

I've heard that the Hummingbird can be susceptible to noise (since its based on the Vox Repeat Percussion which was notorious for it) but this seems excessive.

Any ideas for why this might be so bad and why my other pedals don't seem to be affected?

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