FS: 2016 Audi A3 1.6 TDI Sportback

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I’m aware this is a massive long shot but I thought I may as well whack it up on here. 

In a few days I may be selling this into the motor trade as we are ‘downgrading’ our car to raise funds for a possible house move that we weren’t expecting to happen this year!

The trade offer was actually a lot better than I expected considering I’m going ‘the other way’ price wise, but obviously I’d still like to get more towards private money - however I’m happy to do a very good deal to any FBers should they be in the market!


1.6 Sportback TDI 
STronic Gearbox
’Sport’ trim
20,000 miles
Just had first service so 2 years before major service due
Manufacturers warranty until Oct 2019

Still working out complete financials with the dealer however I’m looking at around £14k from the trade. Parkers suggests a good private sale is around £15,250 so would be happy to work something out in the middle ground. 

I paid £16,700 just last August and have only done c. 5,000 miles in it, so I’m taking a bit of a bath regardless, it’s just a case of how much. 

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