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Evening all
so me and my band are going to do some mash ups and one track we fancy is Killer by Seal Adamski. While there is sod all in guitar terms I am down to do some fx madness with my H9. The part I am doing is the A# which starts at 0:25 and then goes up an octave. There’s some phaser action in there too.

each note repeats approx 10 times. However I am utterly inept at trying to programme the pattern into my h9. I can use the tap tempo but is getting the delay intervals right. Is there anyone out there who is clever that can help me check out a pattern?

the closest I can get being a numpty is 120bpm. Delay A on 1/4 triplet with feedback on 59 giving approx 8 repeats and delay B on dotted 1/16 with feedback on 23 giving a single repeat.

still sounds crap though. All help welcome!



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