Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini - Not Enough Gain

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A couple of months back I picked up a s/h tubescreamer mini. I've owned a number of TS style drives before such as the bad monkey but hankered after the real thing.

I was expecting the gain levels to be similar to the other pedals I've tried or indeed similar level of gain on tap as a Boss SD-1 - however this thing has much less gain on tap.

I've found I'm having to stack it with my soul food however I just really want the TS drive on it's own without having to use another pedal to add more gain. I've a boss blues driver for my heavier gain sounds and that has bags more gain on tap.

Is this normal for a tubescreamer? The easy answer to this is ditch the tubescreamer and put my SD-1 back on the board however space is now at a serious limitation.

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