Wondering about teaching kids percussion

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Hi all,

So as some of you might know, I'm a music teacher in a small private school - the age range I teach is three to seven (Nursery to Year 2). As well as classroom lessons, I teach private guitar and ukulele lessons at the school, which are quite well subscribed.

However, another avenue I have wondered about is percussion. I've done various percussion instruments with all the classes over the last term or so and they seemed to really enjoy it, and now I'm trying to work out whether it's something I should consider adding as an option for my private teaching within the school. I'm not a master by any means but I have a decent basic grasp of how to play the instruments I have available at the school (egg shakers, cabasa, tambourines, guiros, a couple of xylophones too) and I think I have enough skill to be able to teach them what to do with these instruments.

The question is though, how do I go about it? I have never taught any form of percussion instrument before and don't really know where to start, in terms of an actual scheme of work to teach. I suppose some basic introduction to reading rhythm and understanding music theory would be required - very basic, the same kind of level that I work at with my guitar and ukulele students. But also a good amount of playing and making sure it's as much fun as possible.

Is this a good idea? And does anyone have any advice on how best to go about it?
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