Recorded some stuff for my solo / covers gigs

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Been a busy week, got off my arse and dug out my mic and recorded some tracks to help me get me get solo gigs through the summer. Side effect of getting me back into recording, learning logic (again) and getting some prep work down for some original material I want to work on in the next months...

Anyhow, these are designed to be pretty close (to what I get using a looper and a vox harmony pedal when I do my live thing, just a bit fuller, and in the case of Wish You Were Here a Banjo instead of a radio EQ effect for the intro (don't own a 12 string).

for anyone interested, what's used here is Helix for the Mic Preamp, the new Chrome Reverb, EQ and Compressor from Logic X, everything is recorded through the only mic I have, an SE electronics Z5600 (original one) and mixed (lose use of the term) with headphones. I have no idea what these sound like through speakers, as don't have any!  These were all done one song per night, minimal editing and on the spot harmonies.

Wish you were here
Billie Jean
Spider and the fly
Wicked game
Folsom Prison Blues

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