SOLD Lenovo H535s PC AMD A10-6700 3.7ghz, AMD Radeon 7000 series DDR3 1gb, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd

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as you can see from pic very VERY nice condition in tip top order Lenovo SFF pc with Lenovo wired KB & mouse..

Main specs

AMD A10-6700 3,7ghz chip with HD graphics chip(can use along side dedicated graphics)

AMD Radeon 7000 series DDR3 1gb dedicated graphics card

8gb ram

1tb HDD

Win 10

Abobe CC works very well, has no trouble with BF3, Fortnite, Titanfall, Crysis games etc.. plays more of the modern ones that I expected but you have to drop/tweak the graphics properties of the game..

All in all a very decent machine..

£120 delivered (BT please)

For sale elsewhere

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