A couple of Rammstein style choons

I recently recorded a couple of tongue in cheek "covers" in the style of Rammstein.

Why not? It's good fun to do even though singing in German is quite difficult. 

The first was for the last composition challenge so please ignore it you have already listened to that. It's a reworking of Oh What A Beautiful Mornin from Oklahoma - what if Rogers and Hammerstein were actually the Neue Deutsche Härte band HammRstein. 

Listen to EIN SCHöNER MORGEN by TheFlyingPie #np on #SoundCloud

The second was inspired by Mrs Flying Pie who doesn't like her husband's taste in music and sarcastically asked if he could write a song for her while she "waits for his mid life crisis to pass". It's called Mädchen aus Galway which translates as Galway Girl. 

Listen to Mädchen aus Galway by TheFlyingPie #np on #SoundCloud

I hope this somewhat niche work provides some amusement to some of you. As always your comments and opinions are welcome 
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