SOLD Pro Tools 7.4 HD3 System Apple G5 mac 1 x Core HD 2 x Accel HD 4 x Digidesign 192 WITHDRAWN

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Main Mac has gone now so going to sell the rest in parts

Price includes VAT. This system has the following:

Mac G5, I think 4GB RAM,will check.
iLock dongle with Pro tools 7.4 on it and 7.4 installed
Power cable for Mac, keyboard, one key missing, and mouse
1 x Pro tools HD Core PCI card
2 x Pro tools HD Accel PCI card
2 x Digidesign 192 with 8 analog i/o plus 8 digital i/o
2 x Digidesign 192 with 16 analog i/o plus 16 digital i/o
Total of 64 inputs and 64 outputs.
Turnkey system ready to go. Loads of hit albums were recorded on this sort of system in the last 10 years. Flight case and power strip included as well as all interconnecting digilink cables.

Price is £2150 inc VAT.

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