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Book by Phill Brown who engineered at Island in the 1970s and then went freelance.
Worked with Mott the Hoople, Bowie, Sly Stone, Led Zep, Jeff Beck, Robert Palmer, Bob Marley, Steve Winwood and live for Joni Mitchell and Pink Floyd.
Great stories and interesting to read how the process worked in the days of tape and 8 track!
He obviously kept detailed notes of the sessions to be able to recall in such detail.
His experience with Talk Talk is a real eye-opener
Paperback in really good condition except for 2 VERY small coffee splashes on the edge. I always read paperbacks really carefully and try not to bend the spine. My pet hate is damaged spines on paperbacks. You think that is anal? You need to read the Talk Talk section!
£8 ppg posted (in UK) to the good people here[/img]
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