Ebs patch cables? Dunlop pancakes? Others?

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Anyone with any experience of them?

Theyre currently a negligible difference in price. The ebs premium £7 and the dunlops £6.50 each.

Dunlop: https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitar-accessories/patch-cables/jim-dunlop-right-angled-mxr-jack-6-patch-cable


My current patch cables are ok, though they are fenders custom shop tweed jobbies @£14 a pair. I know they get mixed reviews. Sometimes they need wiggling to stop a buzz on occasion. No idea if thats just dust that gets in the pedals though or what.. theyre hardly ever removed but its a dusty bloody room.

They’re right angled ones, but thick and unflexible which is getting to be a nuisance as my board gets tighter. 

My board is this: 

I might need to start feeding patch cables underneath to make it tidier, but as you can see, the holes in the board arent huge. I can get a right angled fender jack through, but I dont know if a pancake style would fit.. 

I’d need 10, and I’m open to suggestions. Not looking to spend much more than around £80 at the mo. No idea if those Ebs are of similar quality to the fenders I’m using, as I wouldnt want to drop in quality also. Build quality and sound quality are of equal importance. 

The reason the Ebs stood out is because of their jacks which can basically be touching back to back, and they also do varying lengths, which I could make use of as my board never gets moved from in front of the amp, and I’m currently using a 1.5 metre lead from end of pedal board to amp, which is way too much for its purpose. 

Before anyone mentions make your own, I’m less than useless. No matter how simple, I would fuck it up guaranteed. 

I’m open to suggestions of people who can make them for me though, but no idea on the cost involved? 

Cheers all! 

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