EQD Tentacle on Bass

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Hey all

Thought I'd write a little something on this as I hadn't seen much online besides some videos,

recently brought a EQD Tentacle after watching some great Juan Alderete videos, wanted a bit of octave texture and it looked like fun!

What I found instead was way more interesting.

Essentially, I've been looking for a bit of interesting grit for my bass sound for a while, and this actually gives it to me in an unintentional way. I use it running into a Wounded Paw Blender V4, with the Tentacle through one channel and a clean signal running from another. The octave doesn't really come through for the majority of the range of the neck, but it does subtly start to creep in around and up from the 12th fret, and I'm really digging that unpredictability.

The real neat trick though, is running it into another dirt pedal. On the same channel I have the Tentacle before a EQD Dirt Transmitter, which I'd been playing with to get some neat velcro fuzz, but wasn't entirely happy with.

But with the Tentacle engaged - WOW. Blistering, paint stripping fuzz with those octaves coming through too, genuinely over the moon to find this sound and a pleasant surprise. Would recomend paying with some other dirt pedal combinations!

In general, it's a neat little box thats worth a look, I didn't find it as pronounced as this video for example, possibly because I'm going through a 1x15" cab rather than 10" cones. Also its obviously going to bring out those octaves on guitar much better, but something is definitely going on there.

Hope this is useful to someone!
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