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Thanks to the generosity of various of our members, I've got a whole stack of goodies here at TTTowers that need to find  deserving new homes.

I've been trying to work out the fairest way of organising this given that there's quite a range of goodies, and I didn't want someone to enter, win something, but win something that they didn't really want.

So, it'll be run as a series of discrete raffles.  Anyone can enter as many - all - of the different raffles if they want to, and can enter each one as many times as they want.

In order of when they arrived, the following will be up-for-grabs;

  • A ThorpyFX Chain Home.  This is the pedal originally won by @BRISTOL86 ;; in the composition challenge that we ran at the end of last year.  As he's moved on to  HelixLand, this is now superfluous and, rather than selling it for his own profit, he's kindly donated back to us as a fund raiser.
    Half of the funds raised in this auction is going to Bath Cats & Dogs Home, which, thanks to @Bristol86's employer, gets matched and doubled!

  • To celebrate the full-time launch of his new business, @lonestar has donated a body and finishing to the value of £250.  The winner gets to chose from the range and options available at ; If you've not seen his work, just take a look at the website and prepare to be wow-ed.
    There is a small proviso here, in that we'd really appreciate the winner to share their build with us, to help Scott in promoting his new  business.

  • Mr @guitars4you ;; has joined in the fun, and thrown placed carefully in the prize pot a Supro boost pedal and a RockReady gig bag.
    Catch with the gigbag is that it's a really solid thing and I've got no suitable shipping cartons, although I guess that bubble wrap and some form of outer cover might do the job.  Else perhaps a handover at one of theFretBoard jam meetups?

  • Finally, and definitely not leastly, @Viz has somehow managed to blag a whole box of goodies from   Robert Keeley  including pedals and a stack of t-shirts.  
    This is another one where a chunk of what we raise in the raffle is headed to a separate charity (War Child in this case).

Each of the above will be run as separate raffles with limited  entry slots and - if the remember how to do it - be drawn-by-dog to select the winners.

Links to the separate raffles will be below ...

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