SOLD 36w MJW Roadstar Head £450 posted UK. SOLD

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 I don’t have lots of space and it seems a shame to have it not getting used.   I got this built to gig with but then I moved away for a year, came back and had kids and it became impractical. As a result, it’s not been carted everywhere and has had a very easy life.  

It’s loud and takes every pedal I’ve ever tried very well.

This has a 4 x EL84 output stage.

Tonally I’d put it as a bit of a cross between a 60s Marshall and an AC30. It sounds absolutely spectacular turned up a bit and great quiet and clean if you use pedals.  

This started life with more dials and inputs, but after owning it from new I fancied something really simple with reverb, so I got Martin to install valve driven reverb and more basic controls.

It’s got Reverb, Tone and Volume.


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