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  • richcolrichcol Frets: 11
    edited May 2018
    I signed up for Truefire All Access subscripton a couple of months ago and really happy with it and so far is above expectations. So you can stream their main library of courses from PC, tablet, smartphone. 

    Found them as they have a decent selection of funk/soul courses and I liked the material in general. Was after something to expand fretboard knowledge as well and get me into playing lead more and it's ticking the boxes so far. There's a good theory course and can just watch that anytime away from the guitar so really like that flexibility.

    The Soundslice feature they use allows slow down of the videos - which are excellent quality and have 3 angles. Can download the tab sheets and chord diagrams from PC. And theres a backing track for each clip. These are quite recent courses I've looked at so far so this might not be the case for all. To have access to a course offline you'd still have to purchase it.

    I like that there's lots of style (blues/soul/jazz/country)  and technique courses but not exactly "learn the licks/songs of player/band X..." so think that will keep it more interesting for me. 

    It's intermediate level stuff I've looked at so far. In one of the videos the instructor advised to watch the course through or flick through so you can cherry pick the bits of interest which is well worth doing.

    What the poster said above about videos not getting into the detail of why things are played may end up being the case and I'm sure this method won't offer as much as one to one lessons with the right teacher. But so far I've benefited from the courses and use the videos for the majority of practice time. 

    I got the subscription on offer and works out £6 a month. They have plenty of sales on. Think there is a month trial option.

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  • ZenOvertoneZenOvertone Frets: 49
    Some great stuff out there on Truefire, lots more coming on board now (e.g. Oz Noy, Allen Hinds).   
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  • DulcetJonesDulcetJones Frets: 422
    I've watched some free banjo and dobro/lap steel youtube instructional vids recently.  Some are better than others, biggest bug report:  keep the chatter short.   Overall though I learned something from all the ones I saw,  Some years back I bought a book/DVD on flamenco guitar that was good in some ways but advanced far to quickly and I've never gotten even to the half way point.

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