FS: Big Muff Pi - Strymon Fav switch

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Hey All,

All except the favourite switch is boxed with all usual stuff.

Happy to meet around St. Johns Wood/Bond Street.

Otherwise posed signed for & included in price. PPG (or add the fees, up to you)

Keeley compressor plus: £100 unused in box 

Check out this video for the JHS..insane pedal but I have too many of the type now..



Big muff: Mint £55 now 50-https://i.imgur.com/p6pRhsU.jpg

SOLD Boss TU3: Mint £45  https://i.imgur.com/xBU4qgH.jpg

SOLD Angry Charlie v2: 9.5/10 £95 now 90 https://i.imgur.com/tJ4Ozup.jpg

Favourite Switch: 9.5 £35 https://i.imgur.com/RSSTdbg.jpg


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